Policing Peace

Policing Peace is dedicated to helping peace officers improve their policing skills, and helping community members find their voice within our criminal system.


Policing Peace sponsors police/community events that are positive and celebratory designed to help us overcome some of the disagreements we have in criminal justice. Policing Peace provides peace officers and community members with special training material including:


  • That Long Overdue Discussion About Race-Five areas of understanding that can help us resolve some of the racial divisions that plague us.
  • Answering Cries for Justice-Several practical steps we can take now to increase minority participation and help avoid future tragedies like the ones that took place in Sanford, Ferguson, and Baltimore.
  • Seven Steps to Better Policing-A self-survey that helps peace officers to examine their own policing style and practices. Officers are encouraged to turn to their core values as they seek to improve their policing skills.


Our goal is to inspire individuals who work within the criminal justice system along with community members, to seek justice and fairness with each decision they make. Often the surest path to justice will come in small incremental steps: one case, one person, one decision at a time. AMERICA NEEDS POLICING PEACE!


Policing Peace presentations:

“In Defense of the American Dream”

“Tribute to Fallen Heroes” 

“That Long Overdue Discussion About Race”  

“Overcoming Differences In Criminal Justice”

“Three Steps to Staying Out of Trouble”

”Practicing Justice”

“Tribute to Fallen Heroes”

Larry is available to speak at your church or civic organization.

Here is a list of recent presentation topics which can be delivered at your next community event:

Larry Wolf

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